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“I really enjoy using this slicer…. it’s very lightweight, takes only a little bit of space compare to big clunky processors… It’s super easy to clean and store away…. I have tried it for zucchini, carrots and cucumbers.. I absolutely love Russian/Korean spicy carrot salad, and now I can easily make one at home with this super handy slicer…. Would highly recommend it!”



“I tried this slicer and I am in love!!!! It’s simple to use and my kids love to help me prepare and cut the vegetables. With the help of this slicer I finally got my kids to eat vegetables.”


“I love this slicer!! Finally I found a slicer that works so well for me! It is lite and easy to operate with, very compact designed, so it can be stored anywhere on my kitchen. Also this slicer is much sharper then my other slicers are, meaning that my zucchini pasta made much easily. It is the most useful tool on my kitchen now, since it helps me making my favorite vegetarian recipes instantly. Definitely recommend it to everyone, it is a must tool on every kitchen!”

E. Kostine ``sleepless in Seattle``

“Love it!!!!!!!!Make busy weeknights run smoother.”


“Since I have developed an intolerance for all grains, pasta had become a thing of the past for me until I got the Slicely! In minutes I am now able to make ‘noodles’ from zucchini, yellow squash and carrots that taste so amazing with any sauce. It is so easy to use and clean that I cannot wait to use it again!”


“This nifty kitchen tool is perfect for those of us who want to spiralize our zucchinis, but do not have the space for a big alternative. I used the slicer on a zucchini today and it did a great job and was very easy to use. Make sure to hold on to the little brush it comes with – you will need it to wash the tool! Makes hand washing the slicer a snap; in fact I can’t imagine cleaning it any other way.”

Dina Baloyan

“This is great. We are a gluten free family and being able to make Zuchinni type noodles with this easy slicer is the best. I normally avoid buying small kitchen gadgets but this one came through with flying colors. Easy to use, very sturdy and cleans up easily with the cleaning brush that came with it!! Fun to slice cucumbers too and too put in a pitcher of water for an interesting conversation!!”

Julie Geddes




Yellow Squash




Yellow Squash


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